Pre-Conference Training Programme

December 11 – 14, 2017

This 4-day training programme will be conducted by Founder and CEO - Col Sharon Gat. Caliber 3 - Academy for counter terrorism.

Israel is among the best in the world of security and intelligence domain and 2nd Safety Security India is happy to collaborate with the best.”

The Association for Private Security Agencies (APSA) is supporting the 4-Day Training Programme which will include certified and best-in-class ISRAELI industry professionals & hands-on training experts. After the training programme, a 2-Day International Conference will offer integrated and consistent solutions to individuals and security personnel from various sectors such as IT sectors, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, malls, institutions, service providers and smart buildings & infrastructure, in improving safety and security. In addition, the conference will enable exhibitors the exposure & opportunity to showcase and market their products, services, techniques and technologies to the participating safety & security community.

Training Program Topics:

  1. Security Principles and Practices
  2. The new era in global terrorism
  3. Risk Management
  4. Security human resources
  5. Physical Security
  6. Cyber Security

2-Day Conference

December 14 – 15, 2017

Global Vision - Indian Safety & Security Challenges

In addition to the exhibition, which has gained a worldwide reputation for excellence, this year Safety Security India 2017 will include a 2-day Conference as a central component of the event. The conference will be led by Israeli key figures from the fields of security and intelligence. They will contribute from their experience and offer insights into possible solutions that concern virtually every member of the international community.

Session 1 : Modern Trends in Security - The Israeli Way
Session 2 : Use of Latest Technologies in Security & Safety
Session 3 : Auxiliary Policing by Pvt Security
Session 4 : Changing Role of Pvt Security - India
Session 5 : Women Security & Safety
Session 6 : Fire Safety & Disaster Management

Overall, it’s a great exposure & opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their products, services, techniques and technologies to the participating safety & security community and high level attendees.

Participate in SSI 2017 and choose your preferred exhibitor option to guarantee high ROI, gaining optimum participation value.
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Eligibility Criteria for Training : Minimum Experience of 5 yrs in Physical Security / Supervisory & Managerial level.

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